Wanlockhead - thanks and results

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Wanlockhead - thanks and results

Post by Montana » Mon Aug 07, 2017 9:14 pm

A huge thank you to everyone who turned out to help us yesterday on what turned out to be quite an eventful race. We couldn't have managed without you and there have been several messages of thanks from riders for a good, "enjoyable" race.

We have not had any news on the second hospital admittance of the race yet but the first chap who crashed before the race started is now home - he's had plastic surgery to fix his facial injuries his teeth have been put back but not clear if that will be enough to save them. He pulled his foot out the pedal whilst sprinting couldn't save it and landed on his face.

Results for any of you that are interested are here -

1 Stuart Paterson Edinburgh RC
2 David Griffiths Pro Vision Scotland
3 Euan Sutherland Glasgow Cycle Team
4 Gavin Dempster Moray Firth Cycling Club
5 Calum Johnston Edinburgh RC
6 Joe Williams Paul Milnes - Bradford Olympic RC
7 Joshua Curtis Lovelo Cinelli RT
8 Malcolm Bain Granite City RT
9 Ben Norris http://www.Dooleys-Cycles.co.uk
10 Hamish Carrick
11 Richard Butler Kendal Cycle Club
12 Chris Watson Glasgow Green Cycle Club
13 Niall Paterson Velo Club Cumbria
14 Ross Cunningham Glasgow Road Club
15 Lewis Martin Classic Racing Team
16 Jamie Ridehalgh HMT with JLT Condor
17 Andy Auld Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique
18 Richard McGhee Glasgow Nightingale CC
19 Gregg O'Malley Glasgow Couriers
20 Alastair McNicol http://www.Dooleys-Cycles.co.uk
21 Scott Newman Glasgow Couriers
22 Ryan Fenwick
23 Jamie Kennedy GTR
24 Andrew Hale GJS Cruise Racing
25 Martin Lonie Clay Cross Road Team
26 Keith Greenwood Pedal Power RT
27 Callum Sharp Pedal Power RT
28 Gary Davidson East Kilbride Road Club
29 Michael Burke Glasgow Ivy CC
30 Stephen Lewis Rock to Roll CC
31 Lewis Oliphant Veloclub Edinburgh
32 Stephen Collins Pedal Power RT
33 Kevin Barclay Spokes Racing Team
34 Alexander MacRae Pro Vision Scotland
35 Barry McColl Peebles CC
36 David Gleave East Kilbride Road Club
37 Sean Barron Fullarton Wheelers
38 Murray Ferguson Falkirk Bicycle Club
39 Walter Hamilton Veloclub Edinburgh
40 Greig Brown Pro Vision Scotland
41 Marc Anderson Loudoun RC
42 David Reed Granite City RT
43 David Dalziel Glasgow Nightingale CC
44 Lewis MacFarlane Moray Firth Cycling Club
45 Cameron Oliver Stewartry Wheelers
46 Calum Gray
47 Gavin Shirley http://www.Dooleys-Cycles.co.uk
48 Nico Anelli Synergy Cycles
49 Ian Taylor Blumilk.com
50 Scott Johnston
51 Rafe Williams Allen Valley Velo
52 David McGill Glasgow Green Cycle Club
53 Keith Melvin Rock to Roll CC
54 Robert Hamilton The Racers
55 Alan Maxwell Pedal Power RT
56 David Smith Kendal Cycle Club
57 Malcolm Dunlop Veloclub Edinburgh
58 Paul Watson Cycle Studio
59 Darryl Tait Gala Cycling Club
60 Ruari Yeoman East Kilbride Road Club
61 Sean Gordon East Kilbride Road Club
62 Lewis Gray Edinburgh RC
63 Neil Shepherd Gala Cycling Club
64 Andrew Wilson Magnafibre
65 Cadge Patterson
66 Chris Watson Glasgow Nightingale CC
67 Stuart McGibbon VC Glasgow South
68 Graeme Dean Glasgow Green Cycle Club
69 John Deans Fullarton Wheelers
70 Chris Blakely Fullarton Wheelers
DNF Andrew Bruce Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique
DNF Steven Currie Glasgow Ivy CC
DNF Colin Dunlop Veloclub Edinburgh
DNF John Dunlop Loudoun RC
DNF Guy Jones Harry Middleton Cycling Club
DNF Donald MacRury Moray Firth Cycling Club
DNF Aidan Quinn http://www.Dooleys-Cycles.co.uk
DNF Neal Robertson
DNF Allan Shearer Velocity 44 RT
DNF Callum Watson The Racers
DNS Tim Dyer Walkers Cycling Club
DNS Martin Lindsay Ayr Roads Cycling Club
DNS Aaron Wright Pedal Power RT

The Peesi
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Re: Wanlockhead - thanks and results

Post by The Peesi » Mon Aug 07, 2017 9:34 pm

Well done Tony. A great event :) .Met your dad at my marshal junction.

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Re: Wanlockhead - thanks and results

Post by CraigGG. » Mon Aug 07, 2017 9:53 pm

Well done Tony, Clare and team. Despite the accidents and crap weather it seemed to go well. Didn't envy your task organising that lot. Great work.

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